B’EQUIPPED offers a wide range of services to help you with your project. Whether it is a simple concept for a zipline, or an entire adventure park layout, we can help you plan, design, construct and install your project…on budget, and on time. We also offer turnkey services that help you get your adventure business up and running quickly, with minimal headaches and interruptions. Finally, Adventure Solutions can assist you with marketing strategies and guidelines for profitability, safety inspections, site planning and staff training.


Great design will support your marketing efforts in several ways, including more than just making your content stand out and look amazing. We can help plan and draw your design in  the best way to help you reach your needs.  Other than that, we can supply you with all the needed equipment like safety systems and operation gears.


We can help you fit and build your design in a unique way according to your designated location. Work with our team to assist you with the design, build, installation and maintenance of your ziplines and park courses. We can also offer several variations in which you can choose from.

Land Survey

For the layout of your project, B’EQUIPPED provides structured land surveys. Establishing GPS, elevations, distances, and angles between activities ensures the best result for your project.

Site Planning

Our initial preparation starts when we first speak with you to understand your priorities and budget. We then arrange a visit to your site to walk around the property and review the physical layout and conditions. From this visit, for the overall project, we will create a course layout and proposal. We include schematic drawings and concept development for larger projects or those wanting a more formal process.

Zipline Analysis

Looking for a zipline to be installed but not sure where to begin? To evaluate ground line contour, arrival / departure tower specifications and cable sag, our cable sag analysis report begins with structured survey points to ensure that each line is constructed for riders with optimum slope and sufficient toe clearance. This method ensures that lines are hung precisely for ultimate protection.


During installation, and as of Day 1, there will be a daily report and follow up of the progress at hand. Working on schedule to hand projects on time is a top priority for us. We are proud of our products and services and continue to work with you to ensure the long-lasting success of your business. Each year, our experts may also go back to your site to perform annual safety inspections if requested.

Staff Training

We can also train your team to reach the standards of safety for rope course operating and this typically lasts six to seven days, depending on the size and nature of your course, covering every element of secure and efficient activity.


Total inspection and yearly maintenance services are available for your ropes course/ adventure park, zip line, climbing structure (wall / tower). Our ropes course inspection includes a thorough examination of the support (trees and poles), testing each clamp and screw. You will receive a written review of the examination after a few days of the inspection.

Project Management

After completion of project, we can meet with your staff to teach them course management and operation, safety and technical skills, emergency planning and adventure course maintenance to best provide the clients with maximum care and safety.


B’EQUIPPED offers you a yearly maintenance for your adventure park and zipline(s). We could also recommend additional updates or improvements to the park.

You have the value, we bring you the added value.

You have the value, we bring you the added value.

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