About Us

About Us

It all started as a hobby in 2008, when the founder and owner of B’EQUIPPED now; began with a single rope and a curiosity to go on his first adventure.
With  a stern determination, motivation and experience over the years; we began as guiding tourists in extreme activities and after that, we became technical canyoning guides around the year of 2014.
Around that time, the CEO became a member in IRATA International also known as Industrial Rope Access Trade Association leading to building and installing more than 11 adventure parks and zip lines in Lebanon and also covering the Middle East, KSA and Egypt.
This is how a mixture of outdoor guiding experience, rope access, to adventure park building all combined to create what we proudly call B’EQUIPPED.

Our Vision and mission

B’EQUIPPED is a company which aims to promote outdoor activities encouraging youth and adults to explore and engage in nature. The goal of the company is to ensure the maximum safety solutions for all work at heights, rope access and extreme outdoor trips in the safest way possible.

One of the most important aspects of customer experience is trust. In our company we focus on earning your trust and confidence through our fine work, experience and services. Once you get to meet our team and plan your business with us, we assure you that you will be placing your trust and confidence in B’EQUIPPED.

At B’equipped you will find a team of professionals who are willing to take their time in pursuing your dream business. You can contact us at anytime through emails or phone.

Our teamwork involves different people and different groups across our business working together to maximize their efficiency to reach a common goal for your plans. B’EQUIPPED encourages our team members to act collectively and think like a true team!

You will find all your solutions with us! B’EQUIPPED can offer more and more ideas about how best to join forces and use each other’s strengths positively to come up with a solution for your problems. Whether it is work involving heights, setting up lighting, projects to fit your budget and many more… We have it all!

Our only focus is to provide our customers with their needs. We work to ensure that all inquiries have reached their demands. We concentrate on delivering your plans according to your budget, dream design, and handing projects on time.

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