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Al Amariah Adventure Course, KSA​

The first Rope course designed by containers powered with a Swiss made continuous system. One of its unique features is that this structure is based on a counterweight style with quick release cables and elements which enables it to be mobile. It also consists of 10 High & Low rope courses with a climbing tower in between and two ziplines.

Al Galala Project – Egypt

Now taking place is our most recent project in Egypt.
An adventure course which contains three continuous ziplines, a rope course made of 20 games (high and low), and a tower of adventure which consists of 4 surfaces with a quick jump on one side, rappel side and two climbing walls on the remaining sides.

AL SOUDA Season – Saudi Arabia

In cooperation with Ajwaad tourism company, B’equipped has built the first outdoor rope course consisting of 20 High & Low rope courses, a zipline of 280 m and an adventure tower which consists of 8 wall climbing routes, quick jump and abseiling. B’EQUIPPED was behind the drawing, design, consultancy & training.

Arnaoon Village – Lebanon

Banob Gabriel, currently being the manager of the extreme activity department at Arnaoon Village, Batroun – North Lebanon. Also, in charge of the management of the adventure park and its construction. We have trained over 50 guides for the highest safety and working at height, and rope rescue. In charge of the maintenance of the adventure park courses and ziplines.


We are the consultants for the two projects which took place with USAID and Caritas (Baladi program) in Acrobranche (Adventure course) construction located in Qornayel and Arayya.

Lazer Gate Zone - Lebanon

Family-fun center featuring a laser tag arena, maze, arcade & 18-hole, blacklight mini-golf course located in Al Koura, Lebanon,

So we took care of the outdoor activities by adding a huge climbing wall consisting of 12 different routes and levels, Two continuous ziplines and quick jump zone for the adrenaline rush.

SKYLODGE – Lebanon

Skylodge is known for its unique rock structure and has asked us to install a zipline of 100 m from mountain to mountain. The zipline was designed to bring pleasure and joy for both adults and kids.


We have installed 10 rope courses and a zipline which are customized for both adults & kids to share an experience they won’t forget which is in the beautiful nature of the pine trees.

La Martine Park - Lebanon

Nice outdoor place for spring and summer seasons. Good for kids and family gatherings, located in Al Aabadeye area.

We constructed 8 low rope courses with one zipline between the tree poles to add a little bit of extreme vibes for the location.

Blida Challenge - Lebanon

Blida challenge was made by the municipality for competitions and races between teams.

A 120 meters zipline and small climbing wall consist of challenging routes was great for finishing the challenge with a state of excitement.

Shaqra Garden - Lebanon

Located in south Lebanon, a garden for family gatherings, hikes and picnics.

We constructed 50 meters suspension bridge made of steel wires and woods across the river. You can walk, smile and take photos on the bridge in the beautiful nature.

Douma Camp - Lebanon

Located in Douma, is a camp which attracts a lot of people and especially tourists. They have also requested to add a zipline which we have installed. In addition to that, we have trained their staff to operate it safely and efficiently.

Mirador Village - Lebanon

One of the latest projects being built. The structure and design for the rope course as well as the management is all being handled by our company.

Still under construction…

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