For All Adventures

Constructed of wood, cables and ropes strung between trees or poles, it provides kids and adults the opportunity to learn about challenges in a safe, exciting, and stimulating environment.

Ziplines are becoming one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the world designed and developed to provide an extreme experience.

Adventure towers can take any form to fit your concept and are mainly made up of 4 sides with an activity on each surface.

We can help you plan, design, construct and install your climbing wall and routes.

An innovative and very unique attraction that has been proven to amuse and entertain people of all ages. Well-designed, extreme, fun, acrobatic, spectacular, totally safe, innovative… words fail us to adequately describe this new interactive attraction.

This bridge will consist of wood, metal and wire cables suspended from one mountain to another with concrete on each of its bases. It serves the public to see the view from above as they enjoy their hike.

Our Store

B’EQUIPPED has some of the finest brands shipped from Italy all tested one by one and holds four agencies: KONG, C.A.M.P, TENDON, KANOPEO and SAFEROLLER. Equipped to suit all tastes from outdoor gears for rope access to rope rescue, climbing, caving, mountaineering, abseiling, canyoning etc.…

Continuous Systems

The only system that can be installed with safety-line out-of-reach and creates a more thrilling and exciting experience for the user. Just slip on and roll. The safety line can also be installed half-height for kids trail or mixed trail.

Adventure Course Gears

Also available are the operation gears needed for your Adventure Park installation and operation.

Sport Products

Our sports products include a variety of choices for your outdoor challenges like: Harnesses, Helmets, Gloves, Carabiners, Quickdraws, Quick links, Slings, Descenders, Ascenders, Pulleys, Bags, Anchorages, Anchoring tools, Dynamic and static ropes, Headlights, Knives etc.…

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